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Welcome to Inverlochy Art School

Inverlochy Art School offers you a fabulous range of highest quality part time art classes taught by carefully selected practicing artists and artisans. We are a not-for-profit incorporated society, based in the beautiful historic Inverlochy House in central Wellington. Our courses are designed for all levels of ability and are taught in a friendly and informal environment. 

View our exciting range of art courses below. Take note of any you would like to attend and book on the Enrolments page. We are currently featuring early Weekend Workshops and our Children's School Holiday programme for April - Book now!

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Long Pose Life Drawing Class - Untutored

One Day, One Pose Life Class!

This is an opportunity to work from a life model for an extended sitting. It will suit people who wish to have a more in depth study of one pose... View Details

2016 Saturday 16th April & 21st May 10am - 4pm
Code: Life

Untutored Life Drawing

Come along to extend your life drawing...View Details

2016 Tuesday 3rd May - 5th July 10am - 1pm
Code: 1TM162D
Usually $12 per student per session (costs split between attendees)


A good understanding of anatomy is essential for convincing and expressive life drawing, figure painting and portraiture. In this course, we will study the skeleton and major muscle groups...View Details

2016 Saturday 7th May & 14th May (consecutive Saturdays) 10am - 1pm
Weekend Workshops
Code: 2W162D

Carry On Painting (Day)

(Get Up Get Painting - Beginners class is now on Wednesday Mornings).

hristine creates an instructive and encouraging environment for those students wishing to take their work to the next level. Returning students will find equally challenging and rewarding instruction...

View Details

2016 Monday 9th May - 4th July 10am - 1pm
Code: 5MM162P
$355 (for 8 Sessions)

DEF of Painting (ABC Beginners is now on Thursday Morning)

This class follows on from ABC of Painting. Admission is by interview with Sarah and having attended at least one term of ABC of Painting...View Details

2016 Wednesday 9th May - 4th July 10am - 2pm
Four Term Programmes
Code: 7WM162P
$430 (for 8 Sessions)

Screen Printing on Fabric and Paper

Whether you want to create a piece of fine art or just print your own t-shirts this course is for you...View Details

2016 Tuesday 10th May - 28th June 6.30pm - 9pm
Code: 12TE162F

Untutored Printmaking

A class for those people interested in making prints with others of like mind. Inverlochy provides the print studio, the charm and ambiance...View Details

2016 Monday 9th May - 4th July 10am - 1pm
Code: 1MM162PR
$120 for 8 sessions

Get Up Get Painting (Evening)

Have you always wanted to paint but feel you have no idea where to start? View Details

2016 Monday 9th May - 4th July 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Code: 1ME162P

Basic Black and White Photography

Come behind the camera and back to basics. On this darkroom-based course you will learn...View Details

2016 Monday 9th May - 4th july 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Code: 2ME162PH
$295 for 8 sessions

Creative Sewing

Make something wild to wear! Students 12 years and older can learn basic sewing skills in order to create their own individual style.View Details

2016 Monday 9th May - 4th July 6pm - 8pm
Young Artists Programme
Code: 5T162IS
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