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Why is Inverlochy such a great art school?

Inverlochy Art School offers you a fabulous range of highest quality part time art classes taught by carefully selected practicing artists and artisans. The emphasis is on learning technique and mastering skills in each medium; very hands-on and experiential. Our courses are designed for all levels of ability and are taught in a friendly and informal environment. We have a maximum of 12 students per class, giving you the best possible tutor/student ratio.

Please Note: Most classes need a minimum number of 5 people to run, on occasions a class may run with fewer students at the discretion of the tutor/management.


How do I enrol in a class?

View the range of courses on our Courses page. Click the View Details button to see the full details of a course. Take note of the course name and code. Visit the Enrolments page and complete the online booking form. Alternatively you can book by email: or phone 04 939 2177. 


Do I need to bring anything?

For the most part courses include the use of tools, equipment, materials and the provision of models where applicable. Students are encouraged to bring any appropriate equipment they may have, and for some classes may need to supply some of their own materials and wear appropriate clothing. Please read the course details carefully.

Donor Membership

You will help support our non-profit organization by becoming a donor member.  Find out more here.


Friends of Inverlochy House

Inverlochy House is a Grade 2 listed building. Inverlochy Art School have been allowed use of the building by a trust, however all maintenance and upkeep is the responsibility of the school. Any donations, grants and other gratuities are gratefully received. Find out more here.

Use of work/images for Publicity

On occasions we need to use images of work and students in class situations for our publicity. On signing up for a course at Inverlochy you agree that we are able to use these images however you will retain copyright of all original work you create.  If you would really not like any images used please specifically opt out by writing on the enrollment form that you would not like any images used. We would always try to ask for permission however we are not always able to know who has made the work. Where possible we will credit the author.

Certificate of Attendance

Participants who attend courses will be issued with an Inverlochy Art School Certificate of Attendance on request.

Loss and Damage

Inverlochy accepts no responsibility for items that are lost or damaged on the premises, whether they are personal belongings or works of art. All artwork left after a course will be kept for one week unless prior arrangements have been made. 

Cars and Parking

There are some car parks available for student use, directly in front of and next to the school up the drive. Inverlochy is unusual and fortunate to have sufficient space for parking, however, we are not responsible for supplying free parking to students, should there be no spaces left. Inverlochy accepts no responsibility for damage to vehicles while parked on the property.

Mailing List and Email Policy

If you make an inquiry or join one of our courses I will normally add you to our mailing list. We are a not-for-profit incorporated society and are required to keep a list of our members (a dollar membership is part of our fee structure and paid when you join a course or use our facilities). You will then receive emails reminding you of our term times and the courses available. You should only end up on our mailing list because of this or because you requested me to add you to our mailing list. We do not nor ever have "bought" or obtained your contact details from a third party. We do not ever sell or allow our mailing list to be used by a third party; your details remain confidential. If you would like to be removed from our mailing list just let me know or reply to the offending email with a removal request. We try not to send too many emails and value feedback regarding content and usefulness of our communications. 


A lot of people donate time and energy to ensure the school is a successful and great place to learn and practice art. Inverlochy would especially like to thank the committee, and all those members and friends who give us so much support. We would also like to thank the many people who attend our classes and the fantastic tutors for helping make our school such a great place. We also thank and appreciate our sponsors who support us in various ways.


Jeanne Lady Williams


2020 Term Dates

Term Two (Autumn)

Amended due to Covid-19 lockdown.

Term 2A - Monday 2 June - Friday 26 June

Term 2B - Monday 29 June - Saturday 25 July

Break: Monday 27 July – Friday 14 August (3 Weeks)


Term Three (Winter)

Term 3A: Monday 17 August – Saturday 12 September (4 Weeks)

Term 3B: Monday 14 September – Saturday 10 October (4 Weeks) (includes both school holiday weeks, Term3)

Break: Monday 12 October – Friday 30 October (3 Weeks)  (Labour Day Monday 26 October)


Term Four ( Spring)

Term 4A: Monday 2 November – Saturday 28 November (4 Weeks)

Term 4B: Monday 30 November – Friday 11 December (2 Weeks) (these two weeks may be a teens or school programme)

Summer School 2021

Starts: Monday 4 January and will run for 2 weeks; Week One: 4 - 8 January Week Two: 11 - 15 January.


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