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Stuff Article about colour - children using colour here at Inverlochy

Stuff Article about colour - children using colour here at Inverlochy

Have a look at this very interesting article about colour by Stuff Journalist Jessica Long with video shot by Rosa Woods.

Inverlochy was used as the backdrop for the article illustrating how we as children are taught colour theory at primary school. Professor Neil Dodgson explains colour while children, in our Children's Holiday Programme, are making art using colourful cellophane  and paint.

Judging  by the number of comments to the article there is a lot of interest, differing ideas and understanding regarding colour theory. This article deals with the technical while art schools deal with both technical and the aesthetic understanding of colour, beginning art classes when young gives an aspiring artist a great start.

The Children's Holiday Programme runs for each week of the primary school holidays in April, July and October each year. Our popular programme has been running since the 1990's and, due to popular demand, we have since added a Teen's Class to the programme.  

See here for the link to the Stuff article.



Inverlochy Now a Registered Charity

Our treasurer and committee has been working hard behind the scenes and Inverlochy is pleased to announce that it is now a Registered Charity!

Our Registration Number is: CC54321 and was granted on 29 March 2017. You can visit and look up The Williams School of Art Incorporated, our official name, or use the registration number to search.
Registration as a charity means that any donations qualify for a tax rebate.
Inverlochy Art School's income primarily comes from running art classes and art related activities, we receive very little funding; our building and grounds require constant maintenance and we appreciate any personal time given helping here as well as financial help.  
Happy art making and thanks for helping to make Inverlochy successful!

In 1995 a group of important artists and bookmakers associated with Wellington’s Inverlochy Art School created a limited boxed edition of original prints. This exclusive project was created as a special gift to institutions and sponsors in appreciation of their support to Inverlochy Art School.

Twenty years later in 2015 we invited them back to Inverlochy, to show their new and retrospective work alongside the original boxed edition, in an exhibition entitled 'Twenty Summers'. Incredibly after twenty years ALL of the artists were located, and enthusiastically agreed to participate. Some are sending work from as far away as Australia and the UK, and Cameron Drawbridge has very kindly agreed to provide prints by his father, the late John Drawbridge MBE. John was such an important part of the Print Studio, and a great teacher and mentor to many New Zealand printmakers. The focus of the exhibition... Read more


Parkin Prize - Have a look at the drawings at the Academy of Fine Arts

 The Parkin Drawing Prize

27 July – 25 August 2013

New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts

Open 7 days, 10am to 5pm

1 Queens Wharf



From the 800 entries received for the inaugural Parkin Drawing Prize, 125 have been selected by Roger Boyce, Simon Morris, Seraphine Pick and Mercendes Vicente for exhibition.

The winner, Monique Jansen 'Folded Moire Drawing', pencil, paper was announced on opening night by judge Heather Galbraith and will receive the grand prize of $20,000.

Subjects range from traditional (and not so traditional) figure drawing to pure abstraction and beyond.  The inaugural award also revealed that drawing is much more than charcoal or pen and ink on paper with artists also submitting Neon lighting tubes, embroidery, felt pens, ceramics, latex, plaster, receipt tickets, wallpaper, biro, and recycled furniture.

The award exhibition encompasses large expansive works on paper in pen and ink, intimate collage and colour-field works, performance, traditional landscapes, maps, interactive works of art and graphic design. 

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