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Inverlochy Art School’s Annual Exhibition for 2021

Inverlochy Art School’s Annual Exhibition for 2021

We are very pleased to announce that we have secured an exhibition with Thistle Hall again this year, and would like you to contribute!

If you are a former or current student of Inverlochy Art School, we would like you to submit an artwork created at the school so that we may exhibit it at our annual exhibition for 2021

We have secured an exhibition at Thistle Hall between the 26th of July and the 1st of August, and ask that anyone wishing to be involved contact Melina Payne at [email protected], where we can arrange a time for you to drop of your artwork

Each student is limited to 1-2 pieces!


Please help us in welcoming some new members to the Inverlochy Art School community

Our newly appointed Executive and Creative Directors:
We are very pleased to introduce our new Executive Director, Melina Payne and Creative Director, Cheryl Corrado. The two will be working alongside our tutors to develop and maintain an exciting public programme of classes and events throughout 2021 and beyond.

Melina Payne is an arts practitioner living and working in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington. She has worked in not-for-profit art spaces and galleries across Australia, UK and Aotearoa, and is currently working as MEANWHILE gallery’s Managing Director, alongside her role as Inverlochy Art School’s Executive Director.

Cheryl Corrado is an artist living and working in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington. Having worked as Inverlochy Art School’s Interim Manager alongside Denise Durkin since July 2020, we are delighted to have Cheryl onboard as our newly appointed Creative Director. Cheryl’s work as an artist primarily concerns itself with the impact of humans on the environment. Through art, she strives to uncover the artistic potential in discarded items.

A huge thank you must also be given to our longstanding tutor, Denise Durkin, who stepped in as Interim Manager over the past 9 months.

Hello and farewell to a few of our community:
Please join us in welcoming Celilia Denen and Melissa McDougall to our team of tutors. Both Cecilia and Melissa will be teaching at Inverlochy Art School, beginning at the start of Term 2.

In addition to Cecilia and Melissa, we would like to welcome Barbara Wheeler, Ben Dellabarca, Adern Audrain, Jesse Flynn as our new on-site studio artists. We feel very excited to have such creative individuals under our roof.

With all that said, we’d like to thank and say farewell to longstanding Inverlochy Art School board member and tutor Sarah Brock for her work and dedication to both the school and her students. We are very excited to see what she does next and are wishing her the best of luck!

 Inverlochy Art School Summer 2021

Inverlochy Art School Summer 2021

Rumour has it this is one of the most challenging summer weather patterns yet but this has not stopped the Inverlochy team from continuing the spruce up of the school. Most noticeable is the transformation of our kitchen area all created from discarded materials inclusive of the mosaic back splash, kitchen bench and new table. Storage areas are near organizational completion which will ensure a more efficient use of materials and assist with future budgeting plans. 

All hands of deck for this one - Our garden clean-ups will continue the last Saturday of every month weather permitting with our first one planned for this Saturday 30th January from 10-12.  Bring gloves, sunhats and favourite gardening tools.  We will have some tools on site. This is a great way to stay fit, learn gardening tips and meet new people. 

The canvases from The Inverlochy Collective are now in place at the Sojourn Apartment Hotel in Newtown. Mike Price, owner, had an opening celebration for the artists last week.  Some of the work can be seen here on the Sojourn site. in the 'gallery' section.  We have been asked to create more art for a future development!  More details on taking part in that fundraiser will be in a future Inverlochy notification.

Congratulations to six students from Sarah Brock’s Wednesday class.  The exhibitors, Bruce Ingoe, Jane Stephens, Rachel Radford, Nadya Nicholson, Jeannette Troon and Clare Burton, have curated a collective show of paintings in six distinct styles. Their exhibition will be at Thistle Hall from 15-21 February.  You can find out more at

Congratulations to Denise Durkin for her feature article in the Ina Arraoui print making magazine.  You can read more about Denise at

We have several new tutors who have joined the Inverlochy staff.  Please check out our tutor page which includes all the fabulous returning tutors as well as some new faces.

We have 37 courses/workshops on offer for term one which begins on 15 February and runs to 12 April.  There will also be new workshops offered throughout the term so keep an eye out on our website for new updates. 

We ran nine summer holiday programmes for all ages with large crowd of teen attendees this year.  Several of the courses were booked out well before the holiday season began.  The children’s programmes were back up running with several options on offer – print making, young artist exploration, drawing, cartooning & zines. Please spread the word that we have young artists afterschool classes running this term Monday – Thursday with either Rachele Silver or Rowena Fry. 

We will be outsourcing our interior cleaning duties this year.  A private company will come to the school on a weekly basis for a thorough clean of all classrooms, bathrooms and kitchen area.  We will not have anyone on site who is responsible for cleaning 24/7 therefore it will be important that everyone helps keep our house tidy.

Our first board meeting will be on Thursday 18 February.  This meeting will focus on our priorities for 2021 and a strategic update. A main focus will be our change of management plan as the interim managers(Cheryl & Denise) move aside for a new team to make their mark.   Any concerns, issues or innovative ideas for Inverlochy are welcome.  Please email [email protected] and we will discuss at our board meeting.


*image above created by Liz Stretton in the Cold Wax Medium summer workshop run by Anna Layzell.

Forty Six Canvases - November 2020

Forty Six Canvases - November 2020

A painting marathon it was!  The Inverlochy Collective created forty six abstract canvases in twenty three hours for the new Sojourn apartment hotel in Newtown.  Mike Price of Sojourn contacted IAS to gauge our interest in painting 80 canvases for a donation to the school.  We agreed to forty given the 5 December deadline. 

Our weekend of painting quickly evolved into an amazingly fun staff development topped with yummy food, wine and groovey tunes. Painting techniques and ideas were shared and implimented in creative new ways.  The freedom to explore new techniques was liberating for some whilst others found the contraints of working on a canvas quite daunting.    

The initial start was a challenge which was quite surprising given all particpants are practicing artist.  We did discuss the possibility of recreating Yves Klein's 1960 Anthropometry of the Blue Epoch in which the female proxies smeared their bodies in Klein's signature blue pigment.  After a thorough giggle session, we opted for a different plan.  

Rowena Fry and Stephanie Turgoose painted in a Colour Field style in which colour was more the driver as compared to active gestures. Techniques such as pouring paint instead of using a brush were used to draw attention to the relationship between the canvas and shapes that emerged. Denise Durkin and Christine Gregory broke away from their conventional techniques to produce completely Abstract Art that reflects a dynamic gestural form that shares their emotions and unique personalities. Cheryl Corrado, a mixed media artist, was totally out of her element and found working on canvases very disconcerting and an incredible challenge. 

Sarah Brock added a new dimension to our nonstructured painting by joining us on the second day.  Her seemingly organic images were painted using overlapping colours which created subtle spatial relationships and varying degrees of depth. 

We deemed this weekend a fun and successful event with positive bonding and learning for the tutors involved. To top it off we made way for a donation of much needed funds for Inverlochy Art School! Check for updates on our website or sign up for our newsletters to find out about the next exciting Inverlochy experience.  Hope to see you there. :)

Additional images

  • Forty Six Canvases - November 2020
  • Forty Six Canvases - November 2020
  • Forty Six Canvases - November 2020

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