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Forty Six Canvases - November 2020

A painting marathon it was!  The Inverlochy Collective created forty six abstract canvases in twenty three hours for the new Sojourn apartment hotel in Newtown.  Mike Price of Sojourn contacted IAS to gauge our interest in painting 80 canvases for a donation to the school.  We agreed to forty given the 5 December deadline. 

Our weekend of painting quickly evolved into an amazingly fun staff development topped with yummy food, wine and groovey tunes. Painting techniques and ideas were shared and implimented in creative new ways.  The freedom to explore new techniques was liberating for some whilst others found the contraints of working on a canvas quite daunting.    

The initial start was a challenge which was quite surprising given all particpants are practicing artist.  We did discuss the possibility of recreating Yves Klein's 1960 Anthropometry of the Blue Epoch in which the female proxies smeared their bodies in Klein's signature blue pigment.  After a thorough giggle session, we opted for a different plan.  

Rowena Fry and Stephanie Turgoose painted in a Colour Field style in which colour was more the driver as compared to active gestures. Techniques such as pouring paint instead of using a brush were used to draw attention to the relationship between the canvas and shapes that emerged. Denise Durkin and Christine Gregory broke away from their conventional techniques to produce completely Abstract Art that reflects a dynamic gestural form that shares their emotions and unique personalities. Cheryl Corrado, a mixed media artist, was totally out of her element and found working on canvases very disconcerting and an incredible challenge. 

Sarah Brock added a new dimension to our nonstructured painting by joining us on the second day.  Her seemingly organic images were painted using overlapping colours which created subtle spatial relationships and varying degrees of depth. 

We deemed this weekend a fun and successful event with positive bonding and learning for the tutors involved. To top it off we made way for a donation of much needed funds for Inverlochy Art School! Check for updates on our website or sign up for our newsletters to find out about the next exciting Inverlochy experience.  Hope to see you there. :)

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  • Forty Six Canvases - November 2020
  • Forty Six Canvases - November 2020
  • Forty Six Canvases - November 2020
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