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Introducing  - D.O.Jones

Introducing - D.O.Jones

David Jones is a young painter and portrait artist who has taught a number of classes recently at the art school.

He will be having an exhibition in the tea room at Inverlochy from Friday the 23rd of September to Friday the 7th of October.

David's work combines a wide range of influences from both classical and modernist schools of painting, commercial illustration and graphic design.

"I first met David in 2008 when he had a solo show at Thistle Hall and I bought one of his paintings. Since then I have secured David a number of private commissions and he has worked with me as both a teacher and more recently as mural painter (see previous NEWS post) I think he is quite simply the best painter I know - and I meet them all the time!"                                                                           

(Inverlochy Tutor - Bruce Mahalski)


  Oil Painting from a photograph 2009

D. O. Jones - Born in 1986 in Upper Hutt, New Zealand. Over the years, a long term fascination with mastering classical drawing had lead to frustration with available art education. Eventually he took an early exit from design school to pursue self-directed study in draughtsmanship, oil painting and art history. After a solo show in 2008 much of his time has been spent creating works for private sale, working on portrait commissions and teaching."

 Oil Painting from Life- 2011

A new mural by Inverlochy tutor - Bruce Mahalski

A new mural by Inverlochy tutor - Bruce Mahalski

Inverlochy's resident screen-printing and children's art tutor Bruce Mahalski recently completed a large mural in Newtown featuring objects from shops in the surrounding area. With an overall 1920's look this mural was commissioned by the City Council with the support of the local retailers association. He had some assistance from Inverlochy tutor - David Jones - and Weltec student - Max Hancock.

Below is a link to an article and some pictures of other murals Bruce has painted since he has been working at Inverlochy.



Early August 2011


Early September 2011

Inverlochy Haunting on TV3 - Wednesday August 17th - 2011

Inverlochy Haunting on TV3 - Wednesday August 17th - 2011

James Gilberd talks about his new book - 'Spooked' - and the Inverlochy haunting.

TV3 - Wednesday 17th August 2011


Click the link below to see the clip.





'Spooked' Book Launch

'Spooked' Book Launch

On Friday the 12th of August Inverlochy hosted a book launch for James Gilberd and Jo Davey's book - 'Spooked'  - about the paranormal research that the Strange Occurences Team has conducted in New Zealand over the last few years. Some of this research took place at the art school itself.

The evening was a great success and many people were lucky enough to buy books signed by the authors and some books are still for sale at the art school.

There is also an exhibition running in the hall and the tea room at the art school between 9-5 each day this week - August 15th - 19th featuring real photos of ghosts and other objects associated with paranormal research.

On Saturday there will be seminar on paranormal investigation (complete with film/tea/biscuits) at the art school between 4-7pm - all welcome.

There is also an exhibition featuring work by artists inspired by the paranormal at Mygalaxi  Gallery in Dixon Street running for the next three weeks until the 3rd of September.

This damage around the mouth of this clay head may have been caused by the Inverlochy entity itself who pushed a cup into the still wet clay. Come along to the art school and see this object(and others) to get the full story or buy 'Spooked' - out now for $39.95 from Random House.

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