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Starting next week we will be delivering art classes at Inverlochy House again.
We are starting classes with returning students. The classes, initially, will be four weeks duration with students who were here in term one being given the opportunity to return first.
The second enrolment for classes will be starting on Monday 29th June and finishing on Friday 24th July. These classes will be on the website very shortly.... Read more


Inverlochy Covid-19 T1 2020

Hi Everyone
I hope you are all well and coping with the stresses this unusual event has caused.

Thanks for your patience. As a non-essential service our tutors, committee and myself are in lockdown and working from home; as an art school that prides itself on quality “live” classroom art classes, the technology challenges are proving interesting!

When we started the lockdown there were still two or three weeks for most of the courses to run.
Students have recently asked how they can help Inverlochy through this challenging time so that we can restart classes as soon as possible. 
One way that students can help is to waiver any credit or refund for the remaining weeks of Term One. This would go a long way to helping us through the closure, but this is an optional gesture from you. All Term One bookings are eligible to ask for a credit or refund for the remaining weeks and if you do require this please email the office to let us know.    
Our focus has been to take care of our tutors well being and try to withstand the stresses caused by the closure and lockdown. Our goal is to open the school again as soon as practical. We thank everyone who has supported us and sent messages of encouragement to tutors and the school.
What’s next? We have not been idle over the last week or so and Inverlochy is looking at ways to provide ongoing support for our students.  
Some of our tutors have already  arranged "on line" discussion groups and are sending out online materials; others are developing plans.
We are exploring conferencing tools such as Zoom to interact with students and provide lessons and feedback. We are also looking at using Youtube to host how-to videos.   Any ideas as to what you may want and how we can make it work would be greatly appreciated. You can email me at the email address below. 

Please keep safe everyone; have a great Easter

Thanks and regards from the Inverlochy Team.

Inverlochy Art School is a Charity and Not-for-profit organization.

Our website here:
Enquiries phone: 04 939 2177
email:  [email protected]   


Annual Exhibition 2020

This year the Annual Exhibition will be held at Gilberd Marriott Gallery, 1st Floor, 37 Courtney Place, Te Aro Wellington.

The Opening will be held on Wednesday 5th February from 5pm - 7pm; all welcome.

The exhibition will be open daily from 10am - 4pm.

Entry forms can be downloaded from our website under the "About Us/Exhibitions" tab at the top of our webpage.

All welcome so please invite friends and freely share the event on social media.

Stuff Article about colour - children using colour here at Inverlochy

Stuff Article about colour - children using colour here at Inverlochy

Have a look at this very interesting article about colour by Stuff Journalist Jessica Long with video shot by Rosa Woods.

Inverlochy was used as the backdrop for the article illustrating how we as children are taught colour theory at primary school. Professor Neil Dodgson explains colour while children, in our Children's Holiday Programme, are making art using colourful cellophane  and paint.

Judging  by the number of comments to the article there is a lot of interest, differing ideas and understanding regarding colour theory. This article deals with the technical while art schools deal with both technical and the aesthetic understanding of colour, beginning art classes when young gives an aspiring artist a great start.

The Children's Holiday Programme runs for each week of the primary school holidays in April, July and October each year. Our popular programme has been running since the 1990's and, due to popular demand, we have since added a Teen's Class to the programme.  

See here for the link to the Stuff article.


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