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Inverlochy Art School, in central Wellington, offers a range of high quality casual art classes taught by a friendly and welcoming community of enthusiastic and talented practicing artists. Interesting and exciting courses and workshops are offered year round.

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Weaving for teens Workshop with Cris Mirkin (Tuesday, 20 April, 9am -4pm) TH2.21

A course for 12 year olds and up - Explore the craft of weaving in this one day workshop using the rigid heddle loom. The rigid heddle is a type of loom that is easy to use as well as versatile and portable. It only has two openings - up and down. However one can achieve incredible results with the use of colors, patterns and pick up stick methods (level 2).

During this class teens will learn how to warp the loom (vertical lines) and how to weave (weft) in the looms provided by the tutor. This process of warping and weaving is made easy by applying the technique in class at the same time the explanation is provided.


The knowledge acquired in this workshop allows for the participants to continue exploring the weaving craft shall they choose to invest in their own looms in the future.  At the end of the workshop the participants will leave with an unique scarf they wove it themselves.


The participants will only need to bring their lunch and 400g of wool of their choice.

When: Tuesday 20 April 2021, 9am -4pm
Programme: Summer - Term 1 (February - April),
Subject: Textiles,
Audience: Children, Teenagers,
Tutor: Cris Mirkin,
Spaces left: 7
Fee: NZ $145.00
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