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Welcome to Inverlochy Art School

Inverlochy Art School offers a broad range of high quality art classes and workshops, taught by a community of enthusiastic and talented practicing artists all year round. We believe in art for art's sake and allow students to find freedom in creative exploration.  We have both exhibition and studio space for rent.  We are located within central Te Aro, Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington. 


Inverlochy Art School Arts Marketing and Funding Director

We are looking for a skilled arts administrator with experience in marketing and fundraising. This is a part time (20 hours/week) position that would suit someone who has their own arts practice or who has other income streams. The pay rate is currently $38/hour.  A relevant tertiary qualification or experience in a related field is important to us. The full job description can be found here /Portals/39/Content/Documents/Marketing%20and%20Funding%20Director%20JOB%20DESCRIPTION%20_docx%20%282%29.pdf

Please send through your application by 16 June 2023, including your work history and why you think you’d be right for this role, to: [email protected] and or [email protected]


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2D Traditional Animation (&Trad-digital) with Ross Payne (Tuesdays 6:30-8:30)T1.22

When: Tuesdays, 22 February - 12 April (8 Weeks) 6:30-8:30
Programme: Summer - Term 1 (February - April),
Subject: Drawing,
Audience: Teenagers, Adults,
Tutor: Ross Payne,
Spaces left: 7
Fee: NZ $220.00
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Course Details

If you would love to learn the old-school traditional hand-drawn animation and how it can be integrated into the digital realm, come and join in. If you can draw all the better, but not essential as drawing techniques are part of the course. No previous experience necessary to start on this path.

You will have opportunity to learn to use any or all of the following:

  • Animating on paper and scanning/capturing into the computer to be coloured etc.
  • Animating drawings frame-by-frame
  • and/or animating digital 'puppets' completely digitally (Trad-digital) by using software that is faster or vector-based, or both.

You will learn:

  • The many options for analog (paper etc) and digital (Hardware and software) to do your animation and editing with. The basics of creating an image and animating it to see it move through separate drawings or creating movement digitally 
  • Story construction and storyboarding through to editing an animatic; Sound effects
  • sourcing, recording, and editing; Timing and using x-sheets.
  • Animation styles. Character design. Expressions, turnarounds.
  • Cleanup and colouring; Acting and posing.
  • Improving your key drawings. Animating anticipation, squash & Stretch and overlap; Pose to pose, and key after key animation.
  • Animating walk cycles, loops, ping-pongs, reuse.
  • Special effects. Simple animations of water, fire, smoke etc; Lighting FX.
  • Camera movement. Exporting to edit. Uploading to share.


Possible Additional Expenses:

You will need your own computer or laptop as the school will not provide one for you. 
Depending on which techniques, materials, and software you choose to use, or already have, there may be some extra expenses (animation-registered paper, software etc.) Many digtal animation and editing software options are free.

Animating on paper and scanning into computer:
Animation-registered paper and pegbar ($25) available from tutor.
Software for scanning, colouring, editing (Free - $200+) available online.

Animating digitally:
Software for drawing, colouring, editing (Free - $200+) available online.
Drawing Tablet & Pen ($60 - $100) Drawing Tablet-Monitor ($400-$1000) for drawing with. If you want to do very graphic-styled animation then you don't necessarily need a tablet pen. You could use your mouse.


Please note: We will require all students aged 12 and over to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Please bring your My Vaccine Pass to all classes.

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